Better Oral Health in Residential Care (BOHRC) Online

course Brief Description : 

The project aims to deliver a targeted virtual oral care education intervention based on an evidence-based best-practice training package, the Better Oral Health in Residential Aged Care (BOHRC) training package. The course will include a combination of presentation content that is delivered live with a suite of resources accessible to the audience for the duration of their study. The website would provide a way for participants to register, access pre and post-questionnaires, materials that need to be reviewed prior to the virtual presentation and other resources related to the program.

Target audience:

External and Internal Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) care workers and nurses

Contact person: 

Michelle McNab  | Email: 

Oral Health Surgical Aseptic Technique

Short Description: Training on the Infection Control elements involved in Surgical Aseptic Technique for Oral Health.

Target audience:  WSLHD Oral Health Clinical Staff

Contact: Herdeza Verzosa | Senior Dental Officer | Tel: 8890 8983 | Email:

Facilitator: Herdeza Verzosa

WSLHD Oral Health Infection Control Training 2019

Brief description: Infection Control Update in accordance with the Australian Dental Council Guidelines/WSLHD Oral Health.

Target Audience:  Clinicians, Dental Assistants, and Lab Technicians working in Oral Health

Contact Person:    Michelle McNab, Dental Officer OHP Coordinator